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Tigerr Benson Nose torture

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Oriental slavegirl in painful facial punishments with clamps on her nose and mouth

The delicous asian fetish slavegirl Tigerr Benson lets out a few tears from the pain and humiliation

Nose Torture Suppliers

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Found some good medical type of supply stores for some interesting tools for the task of torturing pretty noses…a rather geeky little niche I know, and rather gross in certain peoples opinion hehehe, but I kind of like the taboo of messing with faces – and always for instance enjoyed facial play piercing as well as nosehooks, clamps on the nose etc.

I will post more on the suppliers of nose torture suppliers when I have checked them out.Anyway, better spice it all up with a bit more of exactly that….

Noses Tortured

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Now that were on about nosetorture…the world of course cant live without examples of this wonderful discipline.

Recommended Movie: Nose Cupid

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Nose Cupid

starring Evening Calm Amid (?)

Nose fetish for work that is not I think of most. SM hooks or to play as one of the nose may work occupies most of the blame for what I think the nose unusual. If a good quality picture and actress in a pure addition, people can say that the nose fetish piece of work satisfaction than enough. Personally, I wanted forcing actresses to shame the words a little blame, you overall satisfaction. Nose fetish people recommend without hesitation!

Length 01:38:27

Censored lesbian nose torture movie – well worth finding in your dvd store…

Hells Inferno Humiliation: Crazy Nose Torture

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Dark mortification fantasies and severe sexual humiliation of messy tears pain slut Emily Sharpe in hells inferno of torment and filthy punishments to tears. The shrieking and tears painslave Emily Sharpe is suction cupped on pussy and boobs and endure upset facial degradation and dirty degrading torments beyond belief.

Some like it merciless and Emily is certainly one of them as it is clearly visible as she lives out one of her deepest darkest fantasies at hells inferno with extreme humiliation and nose torture. The british pain slave endures with weeping, screams and face distorted in torment and chagrin as her raw master stuffs foul food in her mouth and up her nose, suction cups her nipples and pussy and spits on her face repeatedly. Emilys craving for dark chagrin makes her come close to orgasm several times as her body is messed up and worked over but her master denies her pleas for orgasm to further intensify her chagrin and desperation

Brunette degradation fantasies and severe sexual degradation of messy weeping slave slut Emily Sharpe in hells inferno of torment and filthy punishments to tears. The shrieking and tears submissive Emily Sharpe is suction cupped on pink and boobs and endure gaga facial chagrin and dirty degrading torments beyond belief.

Ginas Electro Pain

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Ginas Electro Pain
British Slavegirls Struggle with the Violet Wand