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Cherrys Nose Humiliation and Bizarre BDSM

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Cherrys Humiliation and Bizarre BDSM at The Pain Files

Busty Cherrys humiliation and bizarre nose hooked bondage degradations with extreme facial pain
Crying blonde Cherrys face is tormented with nosehooks and clamps whilst shes dildoed and tied to a table
The big tit british slavegirl cries in pain and humiliation as she is entirely objectified at The Pain Files

The Pain Files
Real Slavegirls, Real Pain, Real Tears
Extreme BDSM and Pain
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Big Titted Blonde in Extreme Nosehooking

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Big Titted Blonde in Extreme Nosehooking

Humiliating Facial Torments for Busty Blonde Slavegirl Cherry. She is tied down on a bench in hogtied position and has nosehooks attached on a string to her tied up toes.

The attachment to the toes makes the nosehook pull extremely hard backwards, causing severe pain and discomfort for the blonde slavegirl on the table of pain.

The humiliation of the busty babe continues with the nosehook digging, the bondage biting and degrading words being written all over her face.

Cherry starts to let the tears roll down her face and while the nosehook is removed, she lays on the bench crying and sobbing.

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Free Nosehook Videos

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

A quick tip for all nosehook lovers – a free nosehook video site with some fairly extreme nosetorture action and nosebondage. Fetish slavegirls in nosehook humiliation and painful facial bdsm nose bondage – check it out Nosehook Torment