Nosehook Torment

Presented by The Pain FilesNosehook Torment

Slavegirl Tigerr Benson and Miss Chaos

Fetish slavegirls in nosehook humiliation and painful facial bdsm nosebondage

Japanese fetish model Tigerr Benson is placed in nose bondage
by her master. Her nose is pulled backwards by the nosehook
making every movement painful. Placed on the dungeon floor
the oriental bdsm slavegirl has her clitoris worked over by the
pocket rocket making it impossible to sit still - and thus making her constantly pull on the strings attached to her nosehooks.
Tigerr Benson screams in a wild mixture of the dildo pleasure
and the humiliating facial pain she is exposed to

Blonde british slavegirl Chaos has her face painfully pegged and a nosehooked attached to a beam in the dungeon ceiling. The cute
submissive pulls painfully on her nosehook as her tits are whipped
and the clamps on her face toyed with by her cruel master

Nosehook torments and nose bondage are traditional japanese bdsm
forms of punishments for slavegirls but in recent years they have
spread to the western world of sadomasochism. Blonde british
Miss Chaos is one example of this asian BDSM punishment method
enjoyed by a western slavegirl

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Videos of Slavegirl Tigerr Benson Nosehook Torment

Tigerr Benson Nosehooked Tigerr Benson Nosehooked Tigerr Benson Nosehooked
Tigerr Benson Nosehooked

Tigerr Benson Nosehooked

Tigerr Benson Nosehooked
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