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Led The Nose: Nose Torture Video

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Led By The Nose – Nose Torture Video by

A new nose torture video with nostril clamps, nose fetish and a slave pulled by the nose by sadistic nose tormentor and dom. A chubby amateur slave with a cute little nose enters the pain files studios for a session of tear-rolling nose torture with her dom. She has clover clamps pulling on her nostrils, she is pulled by a chain connected to a metal clamp in her nose and much more beyond.

We all love seeing noses punished on female slaves. But this cute amateur slave is just a hit! Her small nose is clamped, pulled and punished mercilessly. Tears roll. Begging. Looks of despair. Nothing stops the pitiless female nose torture

Nose Torture Video

You can watch, download and stream the full length nose fetish movie at The Pain Files

The chubby slave has to try and stand still or she will pull on the metal clamp in her nose, causing extreme pain. But the dom doesnt make it easy. Her tits are whipped and ass caned as she struggles to remain still. OF course she cant. And the clover clamp in her nose keep pulling her to tears. Extreme female nose fetish and nasal punishment of amateur slave girl in highres BDSM video!

An excellent nose bdsm movie by ThePainFiles that is highly recommended for all nose fetishists!

Samaras Nose Punishment

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Samaras Nose Torment. Samaras amateur nose pain and extreme amateur sado maso of facially dishonor redhead masochist Samara.

The face of Samara is covered in afflictive clamps and tied metal clovers torture her nose as she is correctedand degradation by her master

Hells Inferno Humiliation: Crazy Nose Torture

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Dark mortification fantasies and severe sexual humiliation of messy tears pain slut Emily Sharpe in hells inferno of torment and filthy punishments to tears. The shrieking and tears painslave Emily Sharpe is suction cupped on pussy and boobs and endure upset facial degradation and dirty degrading torments beyond belief.

Some like it merciless and Emily is certainly one of them as it is clearly visible as she lives out one of her deepest darkest fantasies at hells inferno with extreme humiliation and nose torture. The british pain slave endures with weeping, screams and face distorted in torment and chagrin as her raw master stuffs foul food in her mouth and up her nose, suction cups her nipples and pussy and spits on her face repeatedly. Emilys craving for dark chagrin makes her come close to orgasm several times as her body is messed up and worked over but her master denies her pleas for orgasm to further intensify her chagrin and desperation

Brunette degradation fantasies and severe sexual degradation of messy weeping slave slut Emily Sharpe in hells inferno of torment and filthy punishments to tears. The shrieking and tears submissive Emily Sharpe is suction cupped on pink and boobs and endure gaga facial chagrin and dirty degrading torments beyond belief.

Outdoor Humiliation and Nose Torture

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Outdoor lesbian bdsm and lezdom humiliation of british submissive painslave Emily Sharpe by mistress Nimue. Emily is bound in the courtyard and tormented with strong building clamps on her tits and face by vicious dominant female Nimue. The lesbian slavegirl struggles with the pain and humiliation of her lezdom punishment

Emilys nose is clamped and tortured by big mean diy clamps and the tears start showing in her pretty eyes. See more here: Outdoor Nose Torture

Wynters Nose Torture

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

The Face of Pain

Face of pain and suction cupped tit torments of extreme blonde slavegirl Wynter. Blonde painslut Wynters contorted faces of pain and suction cupped tit torments. The extreme blonde Wynter endures extreme bdsm and vicious nose clamp torture and nose humiliation as part of her strict discipline. The submissive is in intense facial pain and facial humiliation as the nose torture clamps bite straight into her cute little nose. Wynter is a slaveslut at Shadow Slaves

Video clips:

The master has her mouth clamped shut and teasingly holds her nose closed before clamping it painfully with metal clamps.

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Cherry Torns Nose Torture

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Breast tied blonde Cherry Torns extreme facial bdsm and degrading nose torments at Shadowslaves

Shadowslaves has the full length movie of american fetishmodel Cherry Torn endures nose torture with painful metal clamps directly up the middle of her nose as tears start showing in her eyes from the pain and humiliation

Miss Chaos: Facial Pain

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Miss Chaos: Facial Pain and Pussy Torments

Facial pain and extreme bdsm pussy torments of crying blonde slavegirl Chaos in agony on the bondage cross. Extreme metal clamped agony and screaming facial bdsm to tears for the cute restrained british blonde at Shadow Slaves.

Miss Chaos is bound and candle waxed painfully directly on her nose till tears start rolling down her pretty face. See all of it at Visit Shadow Slaves

Facial Clamps and Nose Torment

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Facial Clamps and Nose Torment

Miss Chaos endures Facial Clamps and Nose Torment. The blonde british slavegirl is nosehooked. The nosehook is tightened and secured to a beam under the sealing, forcing her to stand on tiptoes to avoid seeing the nose disappear up in the air.While nosehooked to the ceiling, she is caned on her tits to inspire painful movements, and the sadistic plot is succesfull – she cant help but to wriggle from the painful strokes on her tits, which pulls her hooked nose even further.The blonde slavegirl gives in to the pain and starts to cry Watch more of slavegirl Chaos in Facial Clamps and Nose Torment

Needles in Nose

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Needles in Nose

English Slavegirl Ginas nose pierced. A needle is inserted directly up in her nose.

The painful treatment draw tears on her face, while she struggles with the needles piercing her face and nose.

Watch more of Ginas Needles in Nose

Free Nosehook Videos

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

A quick tip for all nosehook lovers – a free nosehook video site with some fairly extreme nosetorture action and nosebondage. Fetish slavegirls in nosehook humiliation and painful facial bdsm nose bondage – check it out Nosehook Torment

Blonde Slavegirls Nose Torture

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Blonde british submissive Chaos has her face painfully pegged and a nosehooked attached to a beam in the dungeon ceiling. The erotic masochist pulls painfully on her nosehook as her boobs are whipped  and the clamps on her face toyed with by her cruel dom

Nosehook torments and nose confinement are traditional asiatic sm forms of punishments for slavegirls but in recent years they have spread to the western world of sadomasochism. Blonde british Miss Chaos is one example of this oriental Sadomasochistic whipping method enjoyed by a western painslut

Blonde british sub Miss Chaos has her face covered in painful pegs. The dom viciously plays with the clamps on her face. Chaos has her nose hooked and pulled whilst being whipped on her boobs. You can follow sulking cutie Miss Chaos in facial torments and degradation at The Pain Files

Nosehook Restraints Videos

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Nosehook Restraints Follow the adventure through the classic asiatic art of nosehook torments on beautifull submissive slavegirls. Oriental painslave Tigerr Benson endures a severe facial degradation and agony session. Her pretty face is distorted by the nosehook pulling backwards whilst she is pleasured with a pocket rocket on her clitoris You can follow Tigerr Bensons evil facial punishment and nosehook confinement session

Asiatic fetish chick Tigerr Benson is placed in nose ties by her master. Her nose is pulled backwards by the nosehook making every movement painful. Placed on the room floor the eastern bdsm slavegirl has her clitoris worked over by the pocket rocket making it impossible to sit still – and thus making her constantly pull on the strings attached to her nosehooks.
Tigerr Benson screams in a horny mixture of the dildo pleasure and the humiliating facial agony she is exposed to facial whipping and nosehook chains session

The full length version of this japanese nosehook and nose torture video can be found at The Pain Files