20 Nose Torture Challenges – Do You Dare ? Here we have it, not ours but your ideas for torturing female noses using nose hooks, electro shocks up the nose, needle piercings of the noses and much more. These are a collection of the ideas and requests that have been sent to us by readers of this blog. We have simply types them out and translated them (they came in many different forms and languages – thats great, it just shows the nose fetish community is worldwide, but for the blog we need it in English).

To the slavegirls reading and the masters with slavegirls – do you dare to try any of these 20 challenges? Have you already tried something similar? Or maybe, do you have more sadistic ideas for torturing the slave girl noses ? We are always happy to hear from you with nose torture ideas, photos or videos of your own activities either just to show off or to publish – you can always mail us on webmaster@hellsinferno.com.

Who should endure these nose tortures ? We take suggestions and volunteers! We already have one slave girl lined up and ready – Nimue from Nimues World, as she was the one who inspired us to collect all the nose torture ideas we had received into this collection of challenges. But, does she dare to complete the challenges? Does her usual playmates? Follow this space and visit her over at her Amateur BDSM site, she has already endured a variety of nose tortures but probably not as challenging as these below.

nimue nose torturenose torture challenge

Nose Torture Challenges 1-5 – Pain, Humiliation and Nose Hooks

1)  Cover the nose in clothes pegs from top to bottom. From between the eyebrows to top of lip. Inside and out.
Slap her face hard. Again again again.
Hit the pegs with a flat hand. One after one. Till they come off.

2) Nose hook to the ceiling. Pull hard enough to force her to stand on tip toes.
Whip her. Use a cane on her bottom. If the pain makes her move, her nose will suffer dearly

3) Make the slave pee in a bowl
Make her lay on her back, face up
Use a tract to feed the pee into her nose
Feed sperm up her nose
“Also would be fun to see that chili or what it is they sometimes smear on a clit to make it hurt used on and in her nose” (Cant pinpoint what he is referring to here)

4) Nose hook her, attach it to an attachment point behind her. Ensure it pulls extremely hard when she stands straight looking forward. She is not allowed to stray from this position under any circumstances.
Hard caning. Breast slapping.
Punch her belly very hard, repeatedly. If she pulls backwards, punish her further. If she pulls forward her nose will pay.

5) Put a metal clamp inside the middle of her nose
Attach it to a long chain or rope that goes over a bar/through a hook in front of her
Attach increasingly heavy weights to the end of the rope
Make her do situps to lower and lift the weights with her nose
Make her stand up and slowly move backwards, her release comes only when the manages to pull the weights over the bar

uk amateurs nose torture
Nimue will have a hard time wriggling her nose out of the tortures of some of these challenges, but how about her regular playmate from Nimues World – Rosie B … is she gonna be obliged to subject her nose for sadistic tortures as well ?

Nose Torture Challenges 6-10 – Electro Shocks Up The Nose !

6)  Elastic bands round her face and nose
Distort her face completely with them
Use the elastic bands to snap her face, pull them outwards and let them snap back on her skin

7) Restrain her in stocks and posture collar
Clamp inside her nose, 1 or more crocodile clamps or similar
Hook it up to a black box, e-stim or other electric device
Increase the intensity. If the device can do it, when you reach maximum pain, put it to shocks at random intervals
Leave the box next to her on the stocks to torture her nose on autopilot and go have a drink whilst she suffers

8.) Use a garden hose pistol to hose her up the nose with cold water

9) Cattleprod secured to point upwards
The slave must first touch it with the outside of her nose, ask to be shocked, shock
Then she must touch the electrode with the underside of her nose, , ask to be shocked, shock
Then moving the cattleprod inside her nose, ask to be shocked, shock
Each time she has to put it further up her nose untill its as far up as it can be pushed. Each time she must ask to be shocked.
Once she is done, the procedure is repeated with the other nostril/side of the nose
Works even better if two slavegirls perform the torture simultaniously.

10) Put the slave in a medical chair
Pierce the top of her nose with needles
Slowly pierce each side from the inside out
Put a needle from the top of lip/bottom of nose and upwards till it comes out at the top
Long needles through all 3 parts

electro shock up the noseelectro shock up the nose
English lifestyle slave girl Chaos getting electro shocks on her face and nose at ThePainFiles.com. Several of the challenges evolve round using electric shocks up the nose, but does any slave girls dare? Pain beyond belief in one of the most sensitive areas of the body awaits those who do !

Nose Torture Challenges 11-15 – Public Nose Hooks, Hot Wax and Humiliation

11) Go out in public or to a fetish party nose hooked
Go out with the slave on a chain clamped to her nose

12) Deepthroat her till she gags with a giant dildo (or cock) whilst nose hooked and/or clamped

13) Give her nose electro shock torture.
Put the attachments from a estim or violet wand up her nose
keep electro shocking her

14) Flip the nose open and inspect thoroughly
If the has failed to be clean or forgot to prepare for her nose torture by removing any nose hair, help her by burning it off
Put a clamp right where nose bone ends, to close both nostrils
Nose pointing upwards
Fill up the inside of the nose with candle wax
Once it is full, keep dripping to let it spill/run out on the lip and nose
Keep pouring the middle of her face is covered completely

Humiliate her
Make her stick a thin vibe up her pussy, then up her nose
Stick dirty toes up her nose
Slap it
Use a tools from a dyi toolbox to squeeze, pull and torture it
clamp all 3 parts of the nose and make her do weightlifting

needle nose torture
It isnt always just about who wants to, lets look at what slave girl noses deserve destruction and pain as well. A couple of obvious choices here are the Asian slaveslut Koko and chubby English amateur slave Emma both pictured during Shadow Slaves movies. Do they dare to take a challenge?

Nose Torture Challenges 16-20 -Nose Bondage, Caning of The Nose

16) Put clover clamps on each nipple
Put her head downwards, as close to the nipples as possible
Attach the nipple clamps to clamps in her nose – tight chain
Make her slowly lift the tits by her nose, hold them lifted, slowly down, up again

17) Nose hooks pulling in each direction to distort her face
Poke her up the nose with a stick
Torture the rest of her body to make her move the destroyed nose

18) Small cane / elastic stick
Flick it up under her nose
Flick it on top of her nose
Make the flicks/hits as hard as possible to equal a caning on a more “hittable” part of the body

19) Make a hole in plastic/wooden screen fitting only her nose
Stick her nose through so only that is visible
Clamp the bottom and top of the nose so she cant pull back
Whip it
clamps and weights

Two slavegirls face to face
Nose to nose, pressing against eachother
Clamp each nose inside with a tough metal clamp on a chain, they must remain nose-to-nose touching as they are clamped
still chained together from a clover clamp inside the middle of each their noses – make them move backwards/apart a bit, heavy weights put on the chain
each girl is whipped hard, if she flinches or moves, she will cause pain for the other by putting the weights and chain into motion
they still face eachother, stand so you form a triangle with them, they must keep looking forward at eachother as you pick up the weights to pull their noses sideways on a tight chain. Let go of the weights to let them swing under the slavegirls noses and enjoy their agony. If the sluts deserve it, repeat several times

Remove the weights from the chain, make them cheek up and look at the ceiling, both slowly moving backwards/apart. They keep moving backwards, further pulling on the clamps, until one or the others clamp comes off
Inspect them both thoroughly

cigarettes up nosestick up nose

Those are the 20 challenges. You can do 1. You can go on a grand adventure and try to complete them all ! Is Nimue gonna live up to expectations and complete some of the more extreme nose torture challenges? If she is, of course we will keep you informed and get samples of her suffering as her nose is tortured, destroyed and disfigured – and you will find the full movies at her personal site Nimues World, where she is also doing live sessions on webcam – an obvious opportunity to go and request more tortures of her nose!

Lets see what slave girls have the nose for the extremeties – and dont forget you can always mail us on webmaster@hellsinferno.com with your experiences, photos, videos or whatever it might be!