We have been asked several times, where you can find good quality nosehooks for sale online, and in fact that can be a problem. Most online fetish stores and sexshops simply dont carry a stock of proper nose hooks, and if they do, they are often flimsy little things in poor quality.

However, it is possible to find a selection of proper quality nosehooks online. First of all, searching ebay for them will give a small but worthwhile number of options in seemingly decent quality. Basically, what you are looking for is a nose hook made in proper metal or similar with a good quality leash or attachment to a leather collar.

To get a prober selection and a wide range of options of nose hooks the best bet is to head to japanese bdsm shops though, as its a much more popular tool there and you will find huge amounts of choise when it comes to designs, functionality and looks. There are 3 different forms of nosehooks.

1. the basic small hook with a hooking bit for each nostril, attached to a chain or leash and used pull the nose upwards (an example of such nose bondage here).

2. same as the basic one but with a built in collar that the nosehook attaches to. Very handy for taking your subbie for a humiliating nosehooked trip to a fetishparty or to keep the nose hook in place hands free whilst subjecting her to other sadistic ideas, which further has the benefit that movement from other activities further increases her nasal pain and discomfort.

3. A threeway nosehook. It pulls upwards like the others, but also pulls sideways from hooks attached at the root of each nostril. This is extremely uncomfortable and can be used to totally distort and destroy a pretty face. Threeway nose hooks are often used alongside other humiliating facial distortion tools such as gags, mouth spreaders, forced eye openers etc.

threeway nosehook nosehook collar

To find these more specialised types of nosehooks we would recommend SM GOODS / Epism – its entirely in japanese so you might need a translator, and all prices are in yen so look out. However, they have a brilliant stock of nose hooks and nasal torture tools, alongside other bdsm goodies – not to mention plenty of illustrative picture with each item of japanese beauties nosehooked, facially humiliated and tortured, an obvious bonus whilst shopping 🙂

A couple of examples:

Three directions torture shackles provides for lifted nose nostrils. The Hook nose tip is made of rhodium. Partial stainless steel wire hooks. Part of the chain using a chain lined spherical ball. Nose hook with a nose upward lift is rare, but this nose hook is also next to expand the nasal cavity. Collar (Neck Collar Training Windows multifunctional SM), the bands are attached to the order, because it takes the tension with each other, can be installed without a collar.

If you wear a collar with attached more likely to think that under the ear to pass through. Otherwise, the parotid can be fitted according to your taste and the ear. Mounting Methods; Small part because the hook, rather Mimasu nose. For a temporary closure, we recommend going to Kitsuku little things. Please attach a note or injury. Responsible for injury or scratched in use basis. You can check it at three way nosehooks

Be fixed, can be used hand-held hook nose ; Catoblepas brand name; You can remove the hook as the band left image below. Be fixed, can be used by hand. Partial stainless steel wire hooks. Part of the chain using a chain lined spherical ball. Hook nose tip is made of rhodium. The band portion 1mm thick, 20mm in width of the rubber, is fastened and wrapped around the neck. You can see it here at Epism nose hooks