Nimue went to the boss for a much needed torture of her nose and face … having her endure a piercing of the top of her nose in the thin, sensitive skin. After her tortures tears were rolling down Nimues pretty face and she knows this is not the last time she will be nose tortured.

face015 - needles in nose torture

She has tried to be punished with nose hooks flapping her open to a piggy face position. Pegs and clamps have been used on her nose. But the english amateur slave girl had never tried anything as painful, intimately humiliating and agonising as having needles through her nose.

needles in nose torture

In her own words: The Boss likes to humiliate me and He has some devious ways of doing this. He knows how important it is for me to feel like I look good, I take time to apply my makeup and look pretty. He knows that this will make the disfigurement to my face feel more hurtful. But nothing hurts like the single needle he pierces me with. He slowly pierced my nose with the play piercing needle working its way through my flesh. I couldnt hold back the tears. The nose hurts like nothing else!